EA seeks to provide a market linkage to most of our farmers so that the cycle of their business is complete with steady income generation. To accelerate this, EA has helped establish two social enterprises, ASPORA (Attainment of Surplus Pork Alliance) and EANFER (Entrepreneurs Associates Natural Food Enterprise) under the EA group of Social Ventures. 

ASPORA works with livestock farmers while EANFER works with agricultural farmers. These social enterprises envision a society where farmers are economically empowered through creation of a sustainable value chain. To achieve this, EA’s Social Enterprises have been steadily working towards creation of vibrant rural economies through the provision of services such as quality breeds and saplings, basic entrepreneurship skills, credit facility through EA’s financial wing, developing marketing solutions, and acting as market aggregators that provides a platform for local produces in both local and national markets. 

ASPORA has been promoting Poultry & Piggery as of now. EANFER has been sourcing local produce such as Honey, local spring salt, roselle, Naga king chilli, large cardamom, garlic, gingers, kiwis, lemons, millets etc. from farmers all over Nagaland and helping to market the same in local and national markets. The social ventures have since worked with more than 3000 farmers both in livestock and agri-sector, providing opportunities for income generation and developing innovative models for livelihood.