For 19 years, the EA has trained and mentored over 15,000 youths in Nagaland and Manipur, supported more than 10,000 farmers to take up livelihood activities in rural areas and worked with 1,500 SHGs for livelihoods, enterprise development and credit linkages.

EA has also pioneered two social enterprises, ASPORA and EANFER to aggregate farm products of farmers for market linkages. EA has harnessed faith based organizations, national banks and private banks, corporate houses, Government and educational institutes, to develop entrepreneurship and sustainable livelihoods; infusing about INR 400 Crores with almost 100% recovery, thereby creating economic opportunities and wealth for societies EA engages with.

EA’s action on the ground has moved government policies in favourable directions. In a state where entrepreneurship was alien, the government of Nagaland declared the years 2010-2012 as the ‘Year of the Entrepreneur’. Schools, university and college campuses are turning into active trainings grounds for new generations of entrepreneurs. In 2015, EA was selected by the National Rural Livelihoods mission to launch the Start Up Village Entrepreneurship Program (SVEP), launching 2400 rural enterprises in the region.

Based on its exhaustive experience and its impact on the entrepreneurship sector, EA’s vision and mission as described below:


A world where conscious entrepreneurs, adopting high standards of ethics and values, create inclusion and equity, and take society and the nation forward as part of their own success.  


  • Seeding and empowering Feast of Merit Entrepreneurs through trainings, finance and mentorship.

  • Sustaining ventures that emerge from local cultures and ideas through market, policy and systemic change.

  • Scaling behaviour change in individuals, communities and institutions to adopt, act and champion Feast of Merit Entrepreneurship.

  • Scanning opportunities and challenges by being a leader in innovations and demonstrating the essence of Feast of Merit.