EA will facilitate next level of challenges and opportunities of entrepreneurship by consolidating and scaling Feast of Merit Entrepreneur (FOME) model. FOME is based on Feast of Merit, a Naga tradition where an individual who acquires a wealth, distributes their wealth back to the members of their tribe. In return, they are acknowledged as leaders in their community. They earn the right to wear a special Naga shawl and can mark their homes with an archway that signifies their contribution to their community. This practice is derived from a long tradition of co-ownership and has inspired EA’s approach to entrepreneurship and development.


This traditional concept is the base of EA’s approach to inclusive entrepreneurship, where entrepreneurship is accessible to last mile communities as a powerful tool for development. EA believes that FGEs can drive change through the FOME approach. Entrepreneurs Associates will work with individuals who see themselves as change-makers of their own life, and the lives of their families, their neighbors, and their society. So, and FOME is an entrepreneur who can finds innovative solutions to tackle societal problems, and takes the society forward as part of their own success.


FoME Framework

The framework describes 4 stages of transformation that entrepreneur experiences, with EA providing program, services, resources and support at each stage of this journey. By engaging with entrepreneurs across their lifecycle of growth, EA will build their capacity to transform communities, systems and institutions by first transforming themselves and creating transformative businesses. Businesses will be created as the building blocks of an inclusive economy and the catalyst of a peaceful and self-reliant Naga society. Thus, EA will ensure that it builds a network of inclusive, responsible entrepreneurs who build society as a part of their own success and champion the feast of merit approach.