Since its inception, EA has given utmost importance to enable entrepreneurs access financial institutions and set up or scale their enterprises. In all its associations with entrepreneurs, financial linkage has been one of the key points of both training and awareness. Credit availability is an issue for most entrepreneurs in the NER because of the perceived risk of micro businesses and the absence of strong collaterals.

EA’s role has been to introduce entrepreneurs to financial institutions like Commercial Banks, NBFC’s and Cooperatives. EA has partnered with SBI, ICICI, Axis Bank, Vijaya Bank, NSCB Ltd., GSL, North East Development Finance Cooperation (NEDFi) etc. to provide Micro Finance & Enterprise Loans to farmers & entrepreneurs.

EA has also actively involved in providing Financial Literacy to entrepreneurs and farmers as a part of its Training and Advocacy programmes. This is a move to encourage entrepreneurs and farmers to develop the habit of thrift so that they can sustain their businesses.