EA’s work also includes active advocacy and knowledge dissemination regarding entrepreneurship and related activities. Along with this, we also try our best spread awareness of issues like environment, health, financial literacy etc. EA has taken part in various events locally, nationally and internationally to promote active participation of the citizens in achieving the vision of the organisation.

We also run programmes for High School and College students where we conduct workshops and activities to encourage students to begin to think about entrepreneurship as a credible career choice having the potential to change the economic landscape of Nagaland.



In August 2018 EA launched its training program for high school and college students, SOLVE or School of Life Values and Entrepreneurship at Chandmari Higher Secondary School, Kohima. In quick succession the program was launched in Oriental College. The main objective of the program is to offer students a unique opportunity to walk through different experiences which they would otherwise miss out on within their normal curriculum, ranging from discussions on their heritage, culture, understanding of markets and the way they function, debating on opportunities, goal settings, time management and a unique selling exposure.

The training hopes to allow students to experience challenging situations and contemplate on the possible circumstances that they could face in life. Through games, class-room sessions, discussions and mentoring activities EA hopes to empower the students to be prepared to face any eventuality in life.


One of EA’s Youth Focused Initiatives is the #Frontrunners, a program designed for children who have just finished their exams and are at the threshold of starting some new initiatives. The #Frontrunners program attempts to avail that window of opportunity during the holidays, as students await their results, to broaden their world view and also embolden their confidence. 

Entrepreneurs Associates (EA) firmly believes that informed and confident individuals will make better decisions; not easily swayed by prevailing trends or peer pressure. The 2 weeks intensive training course will cover a gamut of topics from communication to leadership skills, motivation to earning avenues, interacting with social leaders to young trendsetters, among many other activities. #Frontrunners hopes to walk these future leaders through the work-study experience to assist them to become better equipped, for making wiser decisions.

In 2018 -2019, a session of the frontrunners began on 16th April -26th April 2018. Another session of the frontrunners was again held on 20th April 2019.