Reach Home Service

In the late 1990’s leading up to the year 2000, the Reach Home Service (RHS) was launched by some of the founding core members of the Entrepreneurs Associates which included Neichute Doulo, Zhopayi Nakro, Thepuphi Kapuh and Wetso Mero. By then a lecturer at Baptist College, Neichute would meet students who were embarrassed to see him hauling huge bags and selling products which included plates, cups, spoons, knife sets, curtains, candles etc. from house to house. The RHS was instrumental in breaking the social barrier that there was shame in such economic activities as the following year after their stint, some 6 groups with similar activities started operating in Nagaland adding a new dimension to the business scene in the state.

As is still the case with many of Neichute’s projects till date, the RHS saw community participation with credits being loaned by well-wishers, with no banks even considering to support any non-government activities. Mr Wepe Ritse, Asst. Registrar of Cooperative Societies, Nagaland loaned them money to invest in their mission. Another very significant contribution was that of the then Accountant General of Nagaland, Mr Evans Rynjah Solomon, impressed to see the positive efforts made by the group helped them secure a loan of Rs. 50,000 from Nagaland Industrial Development Corporation (NIDC) which was promptly repaid.