Open Street Sale

In January and February of both the years, Neichute Doulo and his friend Wetso Mero sold books on the streets of Pfutsero Town during the beginning of the annual academic session. This initiative was to demonstrate ethical practices even while working for profit, given the fact that many of the local shopkeepers were striking off the written price to quote their own, much to the haplessness of the citizens. Ahead of the initiative, the future entrepreneurs announced their social venture in all the churches neighbouring the town stating their intent in providing academic materials at reasonable rates. 

The duo set up stalls using a dilapidated shoe rack, selling notebooks and text books at the mentioned “maximum retail price” rate to the impoverished community in and around the town. In the first year, the exercise created a fuss among the business community who revolted and, with the support of the Municipal members, tried to halt their business. The scale of the public uproar that followed was unprecedented forcing the Town committee members to retract their order, reinstating their business. This unassuming initiative impacted the community by introducing a business model of trading with proper valuing system that is still benefiting the common people.